2013 Frozen Zucchini

The Smart Farm of Barrington, along with its sponsors, is hosting the 3rd Annual Frozen Zucchini Snowshoe Adventure on January 27, 2013 at Citizen’s Park in Barrington!  Just another reason to get outside and enjoy the beautiful winter wonderland.  The 5k snowshoe adventure is designed for athletes of all levels.  The Frozen Zucchini will also host a winter festival; a great time for the entire family.  The 5k will begin at 10am.

The Frozen Zucchini Snowshoe Adventure is an eco-friendly run.  Eco-friendly run, what does that mean????  The Frozen Zucchini will ask that participants carry their own water container throughout the race.  Water will be available during the race, however in order to get water at the water stations, individuals must provide volunteers with a container to be filled.  Individuals can carry water bottles in their hand, on their waist or wear Camel Paks.  The Frozen Zucchini also encourages participants to sign up online, and limit the amount of paper needed for registration.

You don’t have snowshoes….no problem!  With the Frozen Zucchini you can use your own snowshoes or you can rent a pair.  Rental snowshoes are limited, so be sure to sign up early if you need to rent.  You can arrange for rentals when you register for the Frozen Zucchini.

By signing up for the Frozen Zucchini Snowshoe Adventure, individuals will be supporting the Smart Farm of Barrington, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  Visit the Smart Farm at http://www.smartfarms.org.

The Smart Farm of Barrington will need some extra hands to make this event a success.  If you are interested in volunteering, please email Kathy Gabelman at smartfarmvolunteers@gmail.com.  Smart Farm will need assistance with race day registration, course marshals and post race festivities.

In the case that mother nature does not cooperate, the Frozen Zucchini will become a 5k run.  All rentals will be refunded, however NO registrations fees will be refunded.

Leave No Child Inside

The Frozen Zucchini is a proud supporter of the Leave No Child Inside initiative.  This initiative was launched in 2007 by Chicago Wilderness to encourage children to go outside more often and to increase the quality of time they spend outside.  To learn more about Leave No Child Inside visit www.kidsoutside.info.

Join us on Facebook.  Search “Frozen Zucchini Snowshoe Adventure hosted by Smart Farm”.


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